Ah but Pancakes are just for Shrove Tuesday‘, you say? No, my dear reader, I disagree; you don’t have to wait for 5th March 2019 for your next pancake hit, but instead, embrace the healthier pancake for your next breakfast! Summery berry-laden pancakes, naturally sweetened with a sprinkling of Truvia in the mixture, are satisfying, deliciously filling, and yet light and fluffy, AND they pack a serious punch for the reader with a sweet tooth. Click MORE to see the full recipe and benefits…

What’s the benefit to me? Well, aside from a quite exquisite flavour profile, these pancakes consist of the following ingredients;

1. Banana – it lends the creamy consistency, is a natural mood-enhancer, & affords plenty of potassium

2. (Optional, if you’re using a non stick pan you won’t need this) Coconut oil – a great source of healthy fats, mainly mono & polyunsaturates.

3. Truvia, made from the stevia leaf (a member of the chrysanthemum family, native to north-eastern Paraguay). It’s the perfect alternative to sugar for the pancakes, giving it the sweetness and granular crunch of sugar – yet without any of the calories! It is the very essence of having your (pan)cake and eating it.

4. Eggs – a naturally rich source of protein – 13g protein per 100g.

5. Blueberries – an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as a very low-GI source of sugars.

6. Almond milk – I like to whip up my own thick batch of almond milk, which takes some preparation, but is super easy to make and gluten free. To try it for yourself find my separate almond milk recipe HERE.

Back to the pancakes of the hour…

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1. Start by cracking the eggs in a bowl, then add the banana, almond milk, Truvia and  chestnut flour.

2. Whisk by hand or using an electrical whisk, and and stop when the consistency appears to be smooth and fluffy. You’ll know!

3. Pop a small amount of coconut butter in a frying pan and heat it up. Alternatively, use a non grease pan, but I find there’s a flavour advantage to the coconut butter!

4. Spoon out the preferred size of pancake mixture onto the hot pan. My preference and therefore my recommendation is always a small, thin and crisp pancake. Fry for around 20 seconds or until golden brown on each side.

5. Serve with some fresh berries, though yoghurt is also lovely in the morning garnished with a shaving of dark chocolate perhaps…

6. Bon appetite, and good morning!

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Truvia. For more about why I take on such projects, please see my DISCLOSURE page. Thank you. 

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