Know How Yoga Can Actually Make You Happier

Know How Yoga Can Actually Make You Happier

When the mind and breath work together, the result come much more quickly and powerfully. Only when we hold our breath can we feel pain, a muscle spasm, or downright stuck. Long breath, long life. When in a bad mood, freedom is only a breath and a stretch away. Changing the movement pattern of our moods. Change your breath, and you literally change your mind .

My first step into yoga took place in an early morning yoga class. I was there because I wanted to rejuvenate myself, and my new holistic peers said that would be the best way to begin. I was still unhappy. Yoga would make me happy, they said. I dragged myself out of bed and went to class.

I tried really hard to listen to everything my yoga instructor said, but it was really early. I found myself daydreaming about the ideals and philosophy she mentioned in class. It made total sense for a rejuvenation program to start with the body, because the body is known to us, and because it is always best to start making changes with something tangible and immediate. Another reason for starting to work with our body- it is commonly the site of our health problems and thus the cause of some of our biggest worries. But mainly,we are fully convinced that our body is us, that it is who we are. She said all of this, and i agreed.

“When eating, sleeping and working are properly balanced in a healthy manner, the body is much less of burden”

Yoga Can Actually Make You Happier

Yoga science helps us to see our body from new perspective, to see it as a great biofeedback machine. When we overeat or undersleep, our body immediately helps us recognise the problem. Our tense muscles, our heartburn and our high blood pressure. Kept in good working order, our body body functions as a faithful companion, a source of pride. The body is also our vehicle that carries us from place to place. We want our body to be able to comfortably take us whenever we wish to go. When the body nourishes and cleanses in harmony, it brings about this comfort.



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