Meditation And Its Postures : Art of Living India

Meditation Art of Living India

MEDITATION :Meditation And Its Postures

An outwardly – oriented mind expects long – lasting joy from short – lived objects . not finding that permanent joy in short – lived objects , it blames god ,providence , or the external world .

Meditation is an inward journey . It is an opportunity to observe the qualities of our mind , to gently transform them . A Quiet Mind , you learned that a quiet mind free of nagging thoughts is one of the common trait of happy people . You also learned a basic meditation technique for quieting the mind –  noticing the coolness and the warmth of the air at the tip of your nose . You have also learned another meditative technique , alternate nostril breathing . In this , you have learn how meditation is the ultimate tool in helping you find lasting happiness . Meditation can be practiced with focus on a sensation , or on an image .

Now you will learn a fourth technique – meditation on the sound of your breath .

Let’s review the basic. Your setting , your posture , and your breath all have a profound impact on the quality of any meditation . Your place for meditation should be quiet , clean and still . The atmosphere should be serene . There should be no sense of hurriedness and it should be free of interruption . The setting should be a pleasant place , suggestive of inner exploration . Turn off your cell phone , radio ,television and pagers and know that you are in sukha – a very good space .

When I visit meditation classes all over the world , I often see students struggling to sit for meditation . They contend with the bare floors and often slump and slouch . How is it possible to proceed on an inward journey when your knees and back are screaming at you for proper posture?

Using a comfortable chair or meditation cushion sit down in a manner that aligns your head , neck and trunk . It is preferable not to learn against walls or the backs of chairs .

Meditation And Its Postures : Art of Living India

The emphasis is placed on keeping the head ,neck, and trunk in straight alignment . Sitting on the floor will require a sturdy cushion ; adjust the height of the cushion for your personal comfort and spinal alignment sitting in a chair is also a valid option .

Establish yourself in a quiet room and maintain proper posture . Do three sets of altenate nostril breathing, remembering the sounds of “So-Hum”.Repeat these sounds silently in your mind in coordination with your breath. As your concentration deepens , your mind will become quiet and more responsive to your guidance . Slowly, Slowly you are training your mind to follow your commands . continue your So- Hum meditation for five twenty minutes depending upon your comfort level.


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