CSIR NET Syllabus + Weightage of Important Topics For JUNE 2018

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It’s very easy to search and download CSIR NET Syllabus in PDF format But no one tells you about the Important topics for CSIR NET exam and weightage of important topics. So in this article, we elaborate on the important topics and their historical weightage in the exam.

So Let us divide the syllabus into 2 Parts: General Aptitude & Subject-based questions

Part A Topics & Weightage:

  • Logical Reasoning: 25% Weightage
  • Numbers: 10% Weight age
  • Distance: 10% Weightage
  • Probability: 10% Weightage
  • Geometry: 25% Weightage
  • Profit & Loss: 5% Weightage
  • Analytical & Numerical Ability: 5% Weightage
  • Graphical Numbers: 10% Weightage

Weightage of the above topics are depicted in the graph below:


Now coming to the CSIR NET Syllabus for Life Sciences and its important topics:

  • Unit 1: Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
    • Importance of Unit 1 for Section B / Part is 17.41% and thus is advised to not  to be skipped by the aspirants
    • 8% of Questions for Part C is asked from Unit 1 Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
  • Unit 2: Cellular Organization
    • This is also an Important Unit with 11.43% of Part B questions asked from this Unit
    • 6.67% of Part C questions are asked from this unit Cellular Organization
  • Unit 3: Fundamental Processes
    • It has been noted that historically in last 10 years this unit has a weightage of 11.43%, that means 11.43% of Questions of Part B is asked from this unit
    • 8% of Questions of Part C is asked from this unit and again this is an important unit for preparation as per the syllabus and historical pattern of CSIR NET exams in past ten years
  • Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
    • Strategically Important Unit Cell Communication and Cell Signaling is a must study unit for all
    • 14.29% of Part B Questions are asked from this Unit
    • We also found that 14% of Part C questions are asked from this topic.
    • DO NOT SKIP This Unit at any cost
  • Unit 5: Developmental Biology
    • Mother of all Units in the CSIR NET Syllabus
    • Has the greatest weightage: 17.41% in Part B and 10.67% in Part C
    • It has a major chunk and plays a great role. Thus its advisable to study it in a very elaborate manner
  • Unit 6: System Physiology – Plant
    • This is strategically tricky & important Unit
    • If you study from this unit you will end up attending 14.29% more questions than others in part B and 6.67% more question in Part C
    • So again DO NOT Skip this Unit
  • Unit 7System Physiology – Animal
    • Strategically Skibbale unit
    • It’s easy to cover though
    • Max of 5% of Questions in Part B and 5% in Part C is asked from this Unit
    • Do not skip it if you can quickly study it. Extra 10% advantage over other aspirants is not a bad idea though
  • Unit 8: Inheritance Biology
    • This unit has historically seen more questions asked in Part C than Part B
    • 9.33% of Questions of Part C of CSIR NET belongs to this unit
    • 5.71% of Question paper of CSIR NET Part B is Unit 8 Inheritance Biology
    • Again do not Skip it
  • Unit 9: Diversity of Life Forms
    • Skippable Unit
    • Not Many questions are asked from this unit
    • Hardly 2.6% of Questions are asked in Part B and same as Part C
    • Close your eyes & Skip this Unit safely
  • Unit 10: Ecological Principles
    • Planning to Skip it? Hell NO
    • This adds 11% extra advantage over Others
    • 5.77% in Part B and 5.33% in Part B
  • Unit 11: Evolution and Behavior
    • Historically & Strategically this is one of the 2nd Most Important Unit
    • Skipping this Unit = Suicidal Risk
    • 14.29% of Part B questions are asked from this unit.
    • 6.67% of Part C Questions are asked from this unit.
  • Unit 12: Applied Biology
    • 4th Most Important Unit for CSIR NET exam, You miss it = you kick your chances for a JRF
    • 8.57% of all Questions asked in Part B belongs from this Unit
    • 6.67% of all questions of Part C belong to Unit 12 Applied Biology
  • Unit 13: Methods in Biology
    • 3rd Most Important Unit & topic for CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus
    • covering this unit helps you capture 26% advantage over other aspirants
    • 14.29% of Questions asked in Part B is from Methods in Biology
    • 12% of Questions asked in Part C belongs to Unit 13 Methods in Biology
  • Summary of all Important Topics for CSIR NET: What to Study & What to Skip
    • If you are targeting Part B: 
      • In Part B more than 15% of Questions are asked from Unit – 1 & 5
      • More than 10 % questions 2,3,4,6,11,13
      • Less than 10 % questions 7,8,9,10,12
    • If you are targeting Part C:
      • More than 10 % questions Unit 4,5,13
      • More than 8 % questions 1,3,8,
      • More than 5 % questions 2,5,7,10,11,12

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