What Are The Important Universal Human Values?

 What Are The Important Universal Human Values?

In general way the term ” human values” signifies the whole things of values go into making human life meanigful, fullfilling and valuable. Human values contributes to the realisation of goodness of the good person, the good life and the good society. However, the word human values is also used to denote more specific kinds of values.It then acquires different meanings in different contexts. Human values which are the essential of human beings, and which make us truly and tully human. These are: freedom, creativity, love and wisdom.

Different meanings of human values

Human values is used is that of the virtue of humaneness, which is the most noble and refined quality of the hearth. It denotes a family of values like kindness, compassion, benevolence, mercy, etc. It is that feeling of human warmth with which we relate to other human beings, particularly those who are of empathy, which is the imaginative act of putting oneself in the position of the other to feel his or her pain. This refined human sensibility is the true measure of human greatness, as epitomised in and caring from the heart the one which makes saints like shantideva cry out. “May i be he balm to the sick, their healer and servior until sickness comes never again”

It is the sentiment with which Gandhiji wnted to wipe the tear from every eye.

The nature of the virtue of humaneness could be understood more sharply by contrasting it with all kinds of brutal, cruel and rurthless acts. History is full of instances of such inhumanities perpetrated by all kind of despots, tyrants and barbarians.  Almost in direct proportion to the rise of material prosperity, is the worst curse of modern life. A very much  different  emphasis is given to the concept of human values in the philosophy of humanism.  Humanism orignated as a revolt against the straglehold of ‘ theological imperialism’ and fedalism in medieval Europe. It developed into a strong movement for the establishment of dignity, worth and supremacy of man in all walks of life. Humanism asserts that the course of human affairs is shaped not by some superhuman , or by chance, but by purposive human effort and human will Man is the creator of all values. He is endowed with reason, conscience and all the power needed to shape his destiny. The nobility of man lies in his inherent sensitivity to values and his ability to organise his affairs in the light of his own consciously created values.

A New Approach To Human Values

A general and comprehensive system of human values, with reasonable conceptual clarity can be created on the basis of four foundational values: Freedom, Creativity, Love and Wisdom. These familiar words may appear deceptively simple, but each one of them represent very wide range of concepts. It is important that the complexities, varities and subtleties of these concepts be adequately explored. They have different components and dimension which have to be discerned and understood from different angles.

Through each one of these values is in itself very important, the real significance of any one of them can be understood only in its relation to all others. A truly and completely human mode of existence demands realisation of any one of them would demean life. Furthermore the first two of them,i.e. freedom and creativity, provides the inspiration and impetus for human progress, while the latter two, i.e. love and wisdom, give proper direction to that progress. If the first two are the engines of human progress, the other two are its steering wheel and rudder.


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